and functionality

We specialize in the manufacturing of railings that are used in the means of public transport.

We manufacture complete railing systems for rolling stock and buses. We also make the most unique designs, meeting various requirements of our clients. We offer comprehensive services and professional technical consulting, in terms of both design and manufacturing.

We execute orders according to the provided documentation as well as based on our own designs.

Railing system

Available options

Stainless steel

  • low weight
  • resistant to corrosion
  • good quality at a low price
  • bendable


Aluminum (powder coated)

  • low weight
  • antibacterial paint
  • resistant to corrosion
  • form flexibility

Form flexibility

Possibility of shaping (bending)

  • R = 60 mm
  • R = 90 mm
  • R = 110 mm
  • R >= 200 mm
  • and more

Railing fittings – made from aluminum alloy

  • Fittings made from aluminum alloy in die casting technology
  • Geometrically adjusted to Ø 35 railings
  • Painted in any RAL color

Railing fittings – made from stainless steel

  • Fittings made from stainless steel
  • Geometrically adjusted to Ø 35 railings
  • Painted in any RAL color or polished (brushed)

Special railings

LED lights

Communication with the passenger:

  • LED lights
  • RGB light source inside the railing
  • powered by 12-24 V(USD)
  • light emission through holes cut in the railing structure and then filled with translucent material

Heated railings

Improvement of the thermal comfort in the vehicle:

  • flexible, self-regulating heating wire
  • powered by 12-24V
  • the temperature of the wire is 30-60 degrees Celsius
  • protection against overheating

Complete railing systems




Other means of transport