Not only for rolling stock

We are the manufacturer of the following controllers:

  • DCU-100 – as universal controllers for any system with an electric or pneumatic opener
  • RC2-100 and RC4-100 for tram door systems

Below you will find a full specification of our controllers.

Zorin controllers are equipped with the following interfaces:

  • PDM-100 – HMI interface dedicated for the diagnosis and parametrization of controllers manufactured by Zorin, equipped with a clear, color display and soft keys. It is characterized by a small size and it is easy to use,
  • DCU-INT – diagnostic interface enabling communication between Zorin controllers and the computer via USB. It enables diagnosis, parametrization, diagnostic memory reading along with the error log, and firmware update. It cooperates with Zorin DCU-DIAG software for Windows operating systems.

The automatic door systems we manufacture are equipped with DCU-100 controllers.

We also offer controllers for door openers that can be implemented in place of other manufacturers’ solutions that have been used so far, including Bode, Eltronik, or Misim.

Our controllers can be used to replace the following controllers:

  • IGE RC4,
  • IGE RC4-FD,
  • IGE RC2,
  • PLC-24-E3-CAN,
  • PLC-24-E2-CAN-V2.0.

Carefully developed and reliable

An extensive system of digital and analog inputs and outputs essential for the correct operation of the system.

CAN and ETHERNET data transfer system. An extensive system of error logging and diagnostic system.

A slot that enables the setting of working parameters via both a computer and a dedicated diagnostic panel.

Zorin controllers

Recognized, certified

Certification and patents for our controllers

Our controllers have received the following certificates:

  • Certificate for side door opener and controller module no 0412016, in accordance with the PN-EN 14752:2015 norm
  • Certificate for a universal DCU-100 automatic controller, in accordance with the PN-EN 50155:2007 norm
  • Certificate no 16/2021 for DCU-100 controller, in accordance with the PN-EN 45545-2+A1:2015-12 norm; “Railway applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles part 2: Requirements for fire behavior of materials and components – requirement R24, levels: HL1, HL2, and HL3”
  • Certificate no 17/2021 for DCU-100 controller, in accordance with the PN-EN 50155:2007 norm; “Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock”